Monday, June 27, 2011

day.171 - ray of sunshine

Our formerly grape-purple guest bathroom/laundry room
has been transformed into a happy hue of yellow.

day.170 - nothing sweeter than family

After a father's day celebration at the Cea Ranch,
mother and son were tuckered out from playing all day :)
(Finally, they're learning to share the backseat!)

day.169 - morning fog

Up early for another weekend of painting.
I was immediately drawn to the foggy woods behind our house this cool morning. 
The fog made the patch of woods feel more like a giant forest.

day.168 - dewey spider web

Lots of wet weather lately.
I just love how the morning dew highlights this spider web.
Interesting how something I dislike (spiders) produces something so beautiful.

day.167 - stop in your tracks

Heading up the front porch steps, I literally stopped in my tracks
when I noticed this leaf, laden with rain drops. I quickly unloaded
my things in the house and came back out to snap this shot.

day.166 - clouds on rt. 37

The sky was a kaleidoscope of colors on the drive home: 
dark rain clouds, clear skies peaking through, deep blue skies ahead. 
It was cool to see all this in such a short scope.

day.165 - ripe romaine

Today, the fruits (ahem, vegetables) of our labor paid off!
We had fresh-picked romaine lettuce on our burgers for dinner.

day.164 - cool as a cucumber in a cooler

Oh, the places my Madison finds to sleep :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

day.163 - new-to-me closet

My closet makeover is almost complete. 
Painting is done, today we put the shelves back up, my clothes are hung,
now just a few finishing touches and I will be happy :)

day.162 - sweet baby Ava

We stayed with our friends Ryan and Staci, who are new parents 
to this sweet baby girl, Ava Rose  :)

day.161 - baby i'm howlin' for you

I couldn't resist getting up close to the stage after the concert.
I didn't want to take my good camera, so I had my cell phone (sigh).
Even though it's grainy, and even though I touched it up a little in Photoshop,
I really like the composition of this photo.

day.160 - pink & white

Dinner at the Cea Ranch, I snapped this shot of these pink & white flowering bushes
at the front of Diana's garden. I love the way the sun is hitting the tiny buds.

day.159 - night blooming primrose

Taking a stroll through mom-in-law's garden, we watched as the 
night blooming primrose plants opened. What a sight!!

day.158 - a gaggle of geese

I took a different route home due to construction on my usual route
and saw these geese grazing in a field.

day.157 - sand garden

I arrived at work to find my desk "birthday puked" all over!
I had gummi worms in a martini glass, balloons, streamers, and this cool zen sand garden. 
My coworkers are awesome :)

day.156 - chillin' like a villain

Madison is a really good helper....she's great at distracting me from housework :) 
How can you not rub her little belly?!

day.155 - spicy seafood

It's my birthday weekend! We had dinner at Brio with my mom, uncle, aunt, and grandma.
I had spicy shrimp with orzo, asparagus and cherry tomatoes. As my aunt says, delish!

day.154 - coon hunting

After three nights of failed attempts, we finally captured this raccoon
that had been getting into all kinds of stuff in the backyard, and in our trash!

day.153 - beauty in eye of beholder

I know it's a weed, but I've always thought they were pretty.

day.152 - tropical sunrise

The Farmers Market has opened for the season in downtown Delaware.
Among other items for sale were these pretty flowers. 

day.151 - "Artichokey"

Spotted this plant outside of a store. Not sure what it is, 
but it reminded me of an artichoke.

day.150 - pickin' broccoli

Fresh from the garden broccoli. I'm impressed that we grew something!

day.149 - "A" ladder

Still painting, onto the master bedroom.

day.148 - heirloom scaffolding

This set of painting scaffolding was built by my great-grandpa.
Still sturdy after many painting jobs!

day.147 - white castle warning

I was getting gas today and saw this sauce tub on top of the pump.
I found it funny that the tub was placed right above the "Warning" symbol... ;)

day.146 - lovely lilac

Now that the weather isn't so rainy, I'm really enjoying the wonderful
plant-life around the property, like our lilac bushes.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

day. 145 - hardwork pays off

Work was a bit crazy this week, requiring some long hours and full attention.
One of the ad reps brought in home-grown roses to thank us for our hard work!

day.144 - sign of storms past

A nasty storm rolled in last night. In town, there didn't seem to be too much damage.
But I noticed this sign that got tossed around by the wind and then got stuck.

day.143 - paper fan

Painting doesn't involve just picking a color and rolling it on the wall.
A good prep job, i.e. covering the ceiling fans, is key to great finished product.

day.142 - painter's toolbox

We started our first home improvement project: painting the house.
My uncle has painted many-a-rooms and offered to bring his supplies
and help us with this huge undertaking.

day.141 - just hanging around

This itsy, bitsy spider was hanging in its web, stretched across the kitchen window.
I liked this shot (even though spidey is not in focus) for the delicate fibers of the 
spider web that you can see against the green trees in the background.

day.140 - sun setting over roof

I remember shading my eyes for a second, and taking a step to the side.
When I looked back up, the sun was at just the right angle,
shining through the branches, setting over the rooftop.

day.139 - Bear-bottom martini

One of my coworkers got this martini – it comes with a surprise at the bottom!

day.138 - pink daisies

Pretty pink daisies perked up the drab yellowish walls at the office.

day.137 - going green

Enjoyed my V8 juice and noticed the lively "pop" of green at my desk.

day.136 - new beginnings

We have asian pear trees in our backyard.
This bud looks promising (fingers crossed!)