Tuesday, March 22, 2011

day.80 - under construction

The retaining wall at the edge of our parking lot, where this sign used to stand,
is currently being rebuilt after it crumbled from all the snow and ice.

day.79 - pretty paper

I love damask patterns!
I used this to style my Aunt's birthday present.

day. 78 - i am music

Went to the Lil Wayne "I Am Music" concert at Nationwide – 

day.77 - dug up roots

This root was in the backyard; it stood out (being
so white) amid the mud and sparse green grass.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

day.76 - green & yellow tiles

Took a walk in Delaware with Angie to enjoy the gorgeous weather
and take some pictures. This is in front of the Strand Theatre.
Love the colors and tile work, and the contrast against the iron table.

day.75 - tractor country

I've been driving the same route to work for almost five months and 
just now noticed this tractor crossing sign. Or maybe it's new? 
Either way, I've never seen one before and I think it's kind of cool!
(And that's not snow, I just need to wash my car :p)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

day.74 - night light

I was desperate for a picture of the day. So I took this interior shot of 
my bedside lamp, right before going to sleep.

day.73 - go green

My bestest, KT, came over and had this awesome acrylic cup.
Even the straw is reusable. I want one.

day.72 - Hat, ball...same difference

Michael, say hat. "Bah." Michael, say ball. "Bah."
Everything to him is Bah, or Bah Bah.

day.71 - a & j

A beautiful rose from my cousin's engagement party.
Congratulations Annie & Jayson!

day.70 - bottomless pit

I finally cleaned out my car and filled a giant Ikea bag full of random stuff.
*I've misplaced my camera battery charger, so I'm using my Droid until I find the charger...or get a new camera.

day.69 - snow?! really?!?!

After several days of rain, we got more snow...in mid March. See?!

day.68 - ash wednesday

My hubby and I enjoyed some shrimp pad thai 
at Pei Wei to start off the Lenten season right.

day.67 - lost red ball

Found another lost ball! Funny how you find one, 
and then they start appearing all over the place.

day.66 - flooded barn yard

Decided to take a different route home and saw this
farm equipment in the middle of a flooded barn yard.
Highly enjoy the composition of this photo.

day.65 - Marcella's

A successful Sunday – shopping and Marcella's with Mom :)

day.64 - blame it on the alcohol

Vodka cranberry? Don't mind if I do :)

day.63 - tree reflections

This didn't turn out as good as I wanted, but... I noticed these reflections
of our trees in the rain puddles gathering at edge of the garage.

day.62 - "(i can't stand) the rain....on my window..."

It's been a rather dreary month of rain....

day.61 - la vista dalla mia cucina isola

 "The view from my kitchen island" (according to babblefish.com)
My usual spot in the evenings whether I'm preparing dinner, 
putting away dishes or spending time with my hubby and the animals.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

day.60 - beyond the fence

I walked around our property this evening, and discovered this giant pink ball 
in the brush behind our fence...apparent leftovers from the previous owners.

day.59 - martinis at Nova

We met some folks for martinis at Nova in Delaware.
The illuminated bar made for a cool photo composition.

day.58 - a welcome sunny Sunday

It was so nice today that we opened the windows for awhile.
The cats didn't mind at all ;)

day.57 - Three generations

Three generations of Frank's family's labs:
Sorella (grandma), Vinny (son) and Vita (mommy)

day. 56 - Sunbury sunset

I stopped in Sunbury to pick up chinese food for dinner. 
Parked along the Square and thought the courtyard looked nice
with the sun setting through the trees.

day.55 - yummy donuts


On the same day, two sales reps went to the same bakery (Yumm's in Sunbury), 
just minutes apart, and brought in donuts. It was a sign - I had to have one.

day.54 - you lookin' at me?

Picked up Sorella for a week of dogsitting.
I took this while driving - she looks surprised...or worried.

day.53 - rusty barn

I drive by this rusty old barn to and from work everyday.
I just love the antique, weather-worn textures of it.

day.52 - icy screen

After our NY weekend, we were greeted by an ice storm.
The icy rain collected on the back porch screens. 
Gives new meaning to a 'sheet of ice'...eh?

day.51 - sweet little Michaelsaurus

We took Michael tubing with us, where he finally took a nap. 
Could he be any cuter?

day.50 - watch out, titanic

The huge formation of ice and snow outside the first floor window
at the house in Ellicottville. That and 40mph wind gusts meant 
a day inside for the sisters...with plenty of wine :)

day.49 - New York or bust!

We rode with this little guy and my sister-in-law up to Ellicottville, NY
for a Butler-Cea family get-together. 

day.48 - push pins

A burst of color on my otherwise boring, gray desk

day.47 - warming the snow

I just loved how the sun was shimmering on the snow :)

day.46 - stack 'o' CDs

– Interesting view of a stack of CDs –
This looks like a large amount, but the stack is only about 1.5" tall.

day.45 - Valentine's Day

I happened to be in London on official work business...
and there just happens to be a Schuler's Bakery retail store in town :)

day.44 - blurry valentine

On the way to a sushi Valentine's Day dinner, I took a picture of the sunset; 
but Frank kept bumping my arm, so all my shots came out blurry. 
Fortunately (for him!), I didn't mind the end result of this one.