Tuesday, April 26, 2011

day.115 - rainbow tulips

Tulips have bloomed in our front yard in a variety of colors.
Despite the dreary weather, they brighten up even the rainiest day.
Makes me happy :)

day.114 - hoppy easter

This Easter was one of many firsts: 
Hayden's first Easter, Michael's first Easter egg hunt, 
and Mom's first holiday with my in-laws.

day.113 - how long have i been here?

We had a surprise 60th birthday party for my father-in-law,
at Roops bar. He loved the Crown Royal cake we had made.

day.112 - simply organic

For the last Friday of Lent, I made Coconut Shrimp for dinner.
The recipe needed cayenne pepper, and this SimplyOrganic was on sale. 
I liked the design of the jar first (of course!), the sale simply justified my purchase :)

day.111 - bird watching

A pair of cardinals were hanging out in our trees.
I let Fiona get up in the planters window to talk to them :) 

Monday, April 25, 2011

day.110 - green hydration

In an effort to drink water on a daily basis, I splurged on these pretty plastic water bottles 
at the Container Store (and I had a coupon!). They don't add a metallic taste to the water; 
they came in a set of five, one for each day of the work week; and they come in a tray, 
very convenient for storing in the fridge without them falling all over the place. 

day.109 - lots o' dots

The dashboard in front of the passenger's seat in my husband's car.

day.108 - back to routine

Back in Ohio, back to reality, back to work.
I've always liked the Fling Hardware sign in Sunbury,
a familiar sight on my route to work.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

day.107 - blooming country

This tree is right outside the kitchen window and has started
blooming pretty, white flowers on its branches. 

day.106 - blue-violet beauties

I'm not sure what these flowers are called, but I sure am glad
they are growing in the flower bed at the front of our house.

day.105 - frown at the airport

I snagged a picture of this melancholy face on the airport tarmac.
It was fitting, since we were preparing to travel back to Ohio.
Airport security scolded me and told me to keep moving! hehe

day.104 - fire & flower

On our last night in Cabo, the Dispatch group had dinner on the beach.

day.103 - el arco de cabo san lucas

The famous stone arch, aka Lands End, at Cabo San Lucas.

day.102 - baja bandit

We rented Baja Buggies and drove through the Mexican landscapes –
doing doughnuts, scaling sand dunes and jumping dirt hills!

day.101 - through the wrought iron fence

Some plants just outside the balcony of our room at Zoetry Casa del Mar.

day.100 - (angry) birds on a plane

On our way to Phoenix, AZ, ultimately ending up in Mexico.
I like the way the lighting turned out in this picture.

day.99 - sarah's 30th birthday

Today was my sister-in-law's 30th birthday. We had a surprise party for
her at El Vaqueros in Powell. Great venue, great people, great time :)

day.98 - spring clovers

Nothing says 'Spring' like some vibrant green grass and clovers.

day.97 - egg sandwich

Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, 
I made myself an egg sandwich – almost too pretty to eat!

day.96 - heart necklace

Today would've been my brother's 30th birthday.
We met my Mom and Tim, my brother's best friend, 
for dinner and drinks to celebrate Ben's life. 

day.95 - Steve the squirrel

Caught this squirrel hunting for food in the dumpster at work.
He hopped out and stayed long enough for me to get this shot!

day.94 - plant life

I bought this little guy because of its coloring. It's been living in the
planters window in my kitchen for the past few months and is still thriving!

day.93 - Acrosonic piano

I played a few songs on my childhood piano while at home. 
It's what my mom learned on, then my brother, and then me. I hope to
refurbish the guts (insides) and eventually have it for my kids to learn on.

day.92 - flags over IKEA

Mom & I spent the day shopping at IKEA.
So much fun!

day.91 - sleeping beauty

Spent the weekend in Springfield with my Mom.
We took in Angie's gallery at the Green Owl and ate dinner at Cafe Paradisio.
This is/was my dog, Chopin. He's Mom's dog now..  :)

day.90 - psychadelic swirls

I think this is from our TV. There are so many new
and interesting settings on the camera.

day.89 - green, yellow...green, and yellow

Experimenting with my new camera.
These are traffic lights, from a distance, at night(duh..).

day.88 - snowy spring day

It snowed today...in the Spring!
Go away now, Thanks :)

day.87 - cup of pens

My colorful collection of writing utensils at work.

day.86 - coasters of love

These are a couple of coasters my Aunt designed and 
gave me as a wedding shower gift.
Got my new camera today! Nikon Coolpix L120 –– kinda love it :)

day.85 - this shh... is bananas!

We made a giant banana split for my mother-in-law's birthday,
and demolished the entire thing! Yummmm... 

day.84 - rusty wagon

Again with the textures..  :)

day.83 - red buddha

This big, red, shiny statue was staring at me!
How rude, lol..

day.82 - lone ranger

I was enjoying my rocking chair on the front porch
and noticed this single leaf at my feet.

day.81 - rusty hinge

This project has really opened my eyes; can't help but see things in a new perspective –
like this rusty hinge...really nice textures and colors.