Monday, May 16, 2011

day.135 - droplets on hastas

Will the rain ever stop? 
Ahh, well, in the meantime, check out these water droplets on hasta leaves.
Can you see the reflections of our house in them?

day.134 - green canopy

We didn't get to go hiking because of all the rain.
I was glad that we had a cathedral porch to enjoy the trees :)

day.133 - good times

Went to Hocking Hills to celebrate the summer,
birthdays and graduations with some great friends.

day.132 - bountiful garden

We planted our garden tonight: 2 kinds of lettuce, 3 kinds of tomatoes,
4 kinds of peppers, brussel sprouts, broccoli, bush beans, peas, cucumbers, 
zuccini, spaghetti squash. I'm excited to see the end results!

day.131 - rabbit ears

These rabbit ear plants are growing nicely on the hillside.

day.130 - my front yard paradise

After a long day at work, this beautiful view from 
my front yard washes the stresses of the day away.

day.129 - spider! man...

This big spider startled me when I was walking up the driveway. Gross!!

day.128 - mothers day at lake erie

We went to Rose Café for a mother's day brunch.
It's in Lakeview Park, on the shore of Lake Erie.
This tulip garden is a staple of the park.

day.127 - nativity b.v.m.

My Grandma's church, Nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church.
I spent Mother's Day weekend with my mom, grandma, aunt and uncle.
We all went to 4:30 mass, then to a movie.
It was in danger of closing a couple years ago, but thankfully, it's still open.
The architecture is so beautiful, it would've been such a waste if it had closed.

day.126 - red, red, red

Some red tulips have bloomed near this fire hydrant on
the corner in Johnstown. Funny how new things pop up
along the same familiar route, to and from work.

day.125 - cinco de mayo

We had an awesome potluck for Cinco de Mayo.
This was Margarita Cake – it didn't make it to the end of the day, lol.

day.124 - night cruise

Making a night run to Kroger, I took a shortcut through the country.
The moon was what caught my eye, but this was my favorite picture from the night.

day.123 - cardinals' nest

A pair of cardinals built a nest in one of our shrubs.
The white and brown speckled eggs are beautiful.

day.122 - neon rain

Raining yet again...we returned out netflix movie to avoid another fee,
and I noticed how the light in the parking lot was blurred by the rain on my window.

day.121 - brown noser

Our 7-month old labrador retriever puppy loves to dig in the
back yard. His all black coat is dotted with an oft brown nose.

day.120 - homerun wedding

My good friend and sorority sister married her fiancĂ©. 
They had their wedding reception at Huntington Park, 
where they first met while working for the Clippers.

day.119 - fiona is free

Day three ends in success! An animal control company
came out and had her outta there in 5 minutes. I was relieved!

day.118 - if you build it, she will climb

Two days with Fiona stuck in the wall, we were trying everything
to get her out. We even built this cat ladder. She didn't go for it.

day.117 - missing her sister (not)

Fiona got stuck in the basement wall today.
Madison wasn't too concerned.

day.116 - under the rainbow

Can you see it?
 This rainbow came out at the end of rainy day.